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♥Gym Class Heroine♥
Aloha! I'm Regan, a proud New Orleanian and noodle enthusiast. I recently finished my first book, which will eventually be a part of a six-book children's fantasy series! CLICK FOR MY MAIN BLOG! I track #freshcleanfit
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  • So my boyfriend is coming to stay for a few days and I wanted to put up a Christmas tree for us but then I realized I only have one box of ornaments and it looked hella sparse and sad. So I dug deep into my old bedroom and found the most 90s-tastic things to create this masterpiece/monstrosity of glittery nostalgia: Neopets, Lisa Frank, gel pens, beanie babies, Claire’s keychains, and more. The 8-ball kept falling off so it’s under the tree.

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