Decorated Pink Christmas Tree ♥ Gym Class Heroine ♥
♥ Gym Class Heroine ♥
Aloha! I'm Regan, a proud New Orleanian and noodle enthusiast. CLICK FOR MY MAIN BLOG! I track #freshcleanfit
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  • Hi there Regan! I love your blog - I've been following it for ages. Just thought I'd tell you that the mouse icon is still a Christmas tree, not sure if you knew. Either way I love it lol. Hope you have a great night!

    Asked by Anonymous

    Hahaha hi! I am actually aware of it but for some reason it’s so cute and I just can’t bring myself to change it….yet. I’ll get out of the christmas spirit sometime around July at which point it will probably change to a jack-o-lantern or a ghost. 



    900 baby kittens to whoever can find me a link to the Michael Scott *softly* don’t gif. 

    100% serious about this

    You went to Emma Willard? I was thinking about going there :)

    Asked by Anonymous

    I did! Best four years of my life, haha. 

    900 baby kittens to whoever can find me a link to the Michael Scott *softly* don’t gif. 

    Warning: Rant.

    So a pro-life group put 3600 flags on our college campus to represent abortions per day and there was a pro-choice protest that followed, which was then responded to by this article, which claims that feminists will eventually have “destroyed all [their] healthy relationships with straight men…reduced all marriages to single year affairs that happen when people like to bang each other rather than a vital religious and social institution at the cornerstone of our society.” 

    My favorite part is “Feminists also do not know what it is like to be a man on college campuses dominated by women and whose political atmosphere is held under a stranglehold by feminists.”




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